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REVIEWS - CND Solar Oil for Healthy Nails and Cuticles

Best nail product for brittle nails

My nails have always been very thin and weak. They get really brittle when too long and easily peel. I started using CND Solar Oil daily and have noticed a big difference! My nails feel stronger and look a lot healthier. The smell is a little strong, but it's a sweet almond scent that I don't mind. I apply it on my nail, massage it lightly on my cuticles, and let it soak it. Sometimes following up with a moisturizer. I'm telling you... this stuff is life-changing. My nails are finally growing! (Janice)


Works miracles

I’ve had brittle nails all my life, and a thyroid disorder does not help as I have to take medication. CND Solar Oil is the only thing that I’ve ever used that has helped my nails. I apply it 2-3 times a day, which takes under a minute. A month in & my nails & cuticles aren’t constantly needing to be filed to keep them from getting caught on everything. I just bought some for my mum to see what she thinks. She has better nails than me, but who doesn’t need this when you have dry hands? (Mia)


My Nails grew back

Since I had our first child almost 4 years ago, my nails have never grown long. Until I tried this CND Oil. I put it on before I slept and in 2 weeks, I had long natural nails and I was SO surprised and happy that a product actually worked! Definitely recommended. I apply it by brushing it onto my nails, rub it lightly and let it dry off while I doze off to sleep. I try not to touch anything since I do have oil on my fingertips. Smell wasn't strong and the bottle is like a small nail polish bottle so very convenient to travel with. (Marilyn)

Works amazing

I’ve tried products in the past that claim to strengthen and help grow your nails but they never seemed to work that great or quickly. CND Solar Oil is amazing and really works! I have trouble growing my nails out because once they reach a certain length, they seem to get brittle and break easily. I don’t even use this oil every day but I notice that my nails are much stronger and they seem to grow faster. I highly recommend this product! (Shannon)


This works

My cuticles have always been dry and I’ve tried lots of things to moisturize them and nothing really worked. I thought I’d give this a try and within 2 days I could see and feel a huge difference! I apply around the cuticle every other day and have beautiful salon quality nails without going to the salon!! I will not be without this product. I highly recommend! (Sophia)



This product is amazing! I was skeptical at first but I actually love it! The almond smell is delicious! The oil really helps your nail beds and cuticles. It soaks in and dries immediately. It is not oily or greasy. It has really made a difference in my nails. It is very healing and soothing. I highly recommend it! (Jill)


This stuff truly works

I unfortunately have terribly weak and damaged nails after 20 years plus of fake nails! I have tried everything out there, then I tried this. In a week I could see a difference. My nails are stronger than they have ever been. Love this product. (Paula)


Best buy ever

My friend told me to buy CND Solar Oil. The sizing is a little small, but a little goes a long way! I’ve used it daily since buying… and you can hardly see that I have used any at all. It’s for cuticles but, my nails are so much healthier now from it as well. I keep it in my car and apply it before my drive to work. No smell, maybe a very slight “oily” smell but nothing that overwhelms you. Will definitely be buying again and again, and giving as gifts. (Adrienne)


Will Buy Again

I have brittle nails that peel and crack. The Solar Oil has really helped. It is very easy to use and has made my nails easier to live with. I will definitely buy this again. There’s a lot in the bottle too. (Bobbie)


Miracle Oil

I never write reviews- but this oil deserves one. Let me just start by saying I’ve NEVER been able to grow my nails out before one becomes brittle and breaks. I started using this oil (on my cuticles and behind my nails) every day, at least twice a day - and I love the results. I’m not gentle on them either, they bend and have had gel nail polish over the past two months and they still look great!  If you’re looking to grow your nails out, get this oil! Oh and side note - it’s not super oily, it soaks in relatively quickly. Perfect perfect perfect (Cindy)


I love it

I absolutely love CND Solar Oil! It’s super conditioning without being too oily. Within a week my nails are stronger than ever before. The smell is as bit like cherry medicine but I can get past it. The brush is also a bit small if that’s something you care about. Overall, give it a try! (Leenie)


What a difference 

I’m pretty sure this stuff is made of magic. My cuticles were not happy, lots of hangnails, weaker nails than I wanted. I slathered this oil on all around and over my nails for 3 nights. Holy difference! When this bottle is done, I will definitely be a repeat buyer. So hydrating and nourishing. Good ingredients. And it smells great. Can I give it more than 5 stars? (Phillippa)


Great Product

Great product for the nails!! Keeps them strong and healthy. Smooth oil not super sticky weird texture it’s really nice! (June) 


My Top Choice 

Super conditioning oil. Smells so good as well. This is my top choice for cuticle oil at this point and I try to use this as often as possible. (Ash)


Helped My Nails Grow Back 

Love this Solar Oil cuticle oil! I needed a product that helped my nails grow back stronger after having them damaged from dip for several months. After using for about a week I really notice a difference. Also as a bonus the smell is AMAZING!!


This stuff is great

My nailbeds have been so dry this year due to a medicine change. I remembered having something like this put on my nails and cuticles when I went to the salon. This stuff is great and really helping to improve my cuticles and skin around my nails. I use it before bed and let it soak in with a little rubbing. (Loren)



Do you have dry cuticles? This is for you.

I’m a huge fan of the CND products; I really think they do a great job in all their products. Solar Oil is no different, I have been using it for a week 2 times a day and I am seeing my cuticles conditioned and not peeling. I think they are reduced too or at least stopped growing. I am very happy with it.(Mary)


Healthy cuticles mean healthy nails

I've been using this oil for 2 weeks now, usually twice a day, sometimes only once. It has really made a difference to the appearance of my nails, my cuticles look healthy and smooth. A little bit goes a long way. I would definitely recommend this oil and will be reordering.(Suzy)

 Great stuff

I read the reviews on Solar Oil and they without a doubt were outstanding. I've only just started using it on my cuticles and I'm definitely seeing an improvement. Absolutely worth a try!! (Marge)



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