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Solar Oil - an essential nail care product you use every day for healthy nails

CND Solar Oil is an award-winning nurturing light oil for nails that you use every single day, as often as you like, either on bare nails or over the top of nail polish.

It contains all natural ingredients and is toxin-free and cruelty-free.

It keeps your nails strong, yet flexible, and helps them resist breaking so they become healthy and grow better. Cuticles are nourished and smooth. It really is an essential daily oil, as without it, nails can become brittle and cuticles dry. New nails are forming below the cuticle line, so nourishing daily around the cuticle gives your new nails all the nourishment they need.


CND Solar Oil moisturises your nails, cuticles and surrounding skin and quickly penetrates. It smells almond-fresh as it contains Sweet Almond Oil, and also contains a synergistic blend of other naturally light oils and Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect skin and nails. Jojoba Oil helps carry Vitamin E into skin to help reduce visible signs of aging, keeping skin soft and supple. Keeps natural nails, nail polish and nail enhancements tough and flexible. It helps nail polish to look good and last for longer as it prevents it drying out and makes your nails look super-healthy with its glow.

Apply a couple of times through the day and massage in to surrounding skin. Use especially at bedtime to maintain healthy nails and cuticles. Apply after buffing natural nails or enhancements to achieve a high shine.

Perfect for both men and women's nails.

Comes in 3 sizes - 3.7mls, 7.3 mls and 15 mls, plus the very handy pen which you can carry around with you during the day and apply whenever your nails look dry. See CND Solar Oil under Nail Care on website


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