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CND Cuticle Eraser - What is it and How To Use It to look after your cuticles

CND Cuticle Eraser is an essential nail care product and performs lots of tasks - it smooths and moisturises your nails, removes any dry flaky skin around your nails, and exfoliates cuticles so they are minimised and almost invisible - all totally safely.

Below is a Step By Step Guide on How to Use it.

Your nails will look refreshed and feel much smoother. Use often on the nails of both hands and feet for beautifully cared-for nails.

Cuticle Eraser is an alpha-hydroxy cuticle treatment and a skin conditioner. It contains A.H.A's to exfoliate, and chamomile and aloe to soothe and moisturise. It helps prevent cuticle build-up, conditions skin and prevents hangnails.


CND Cuticle Eraser is a product you can use either on bare nails or over the top of nail polish. If you are using it over the top of nail polish, massage it in around the cuticle and sides of the nail.

These instructions are how to use on bare nails.

On Bare Nails: Once you have removed any nail polish, put a small amount of Cuticle Eraser on each nail. Use a blob on each nail about the size of an apple pip. The tube has a nozzle which makes this easy. Massage into each nail, leaving a layer over each nail and then leave for about 5 minutes then massage in again.


Gently scrape each nail all over with a rubber cuticle pusher or an orange stick slanted end. Clean all around the cuticles especially as sometimes a small amount of debris gathers just behind the cuticles and down the sides of the nails, so gently scrape this away so the nails are cleaned thoroughly. This process also ensures any loose or dry flakes on the cuticles or nail plate are removed, leaving a super smooth surface so that your nails look healthier. To finish, wipe with a tissue.


Optional -  gently push cuticles back with a sponge-tipped applicator.  Always be gentle with your cuticles and be very careful if you are trimming them, to only remove loose bits of skin - never cut into them in such a way to cause infection. 


Follow with CND Solar Oil to really hydrate your nails and give them a healthy glow. 


CND Cuticle Eraser is gentle enough to use daily to gently exfoliate and moisturise cuticles and the skin around the nail, even over nail polish. Apply a small amount and massage in then leave to be absorbed. Use often when your nails need some extra TLC, and follow with CND Solar Oil for a hydrating cuticle cocktail. Solar Oil can also be used on bare nails or over the top of nail polish.

Purchase CND Cuticle Eraser online here and it comes in 2 sizes:

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