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REVIEWS - CND Ridge Fx Nail Surface Enhancer

My Nails look so much better

Amazing! I used two coats and my nails looked much smoother. A great basecoat.(Marianne)


Best Base Coat I have used

I really like Ridge Fix. Does what it says and I applied two coats and my nails look a whole lot better. (Kylie)

I highly recommend this 

I've just used it on a client with very ridged nails and I love it. Works brilliantly. (Sahara - Salon Owner) 


 Hides My Ridges

I have terrible ridges in my nails. This product makes them look smooth and healthy. I've been using it for 5 years. A product that does what it advertises. (Petra)


A winner-

Just used CND Ridge Fix for the first time today. It goes on easily and makes my ridged nails look smooth. I like that it is the color of my nails. I had previously used a product that was white and it was hard to cover up with some nail polish colors, so I stopped using it. This product is a winner! (louise)


I am proud of my nails now
I wear it with no polish and get comments on how beautiful my natural nails are! Put polish on, and your nails look like a professional gel manicure. It’s a perfect base. (Yasmin)


Great result

This product is great for damaged, post-gel-manicure nails… It made mine feel stronger. (Teresa)


My nails look so much better now

CND Ridge Fx has really helped improve the look and strength of my nails while still looking natural and protecting them from frequent handwashing. (Trish)


I love this product

As I have aged I have started to get lines on my finger nails. Plus I have a fingernail that has split to the cuticle. This polish does exactly what it says it will do. I usually have to put on 3 light coats to get my nails smooth and rounded. I love this stuff!! (Colleen)


Smooth nails at last

I was surprised to find how thick this liquid is, but then I remembered you have to shake it thoroughly then it gets thinner and can be applied easily. It is a natural colour so does not impede any application of nail colour after applying the ridge filler. I found that if you require more than one coat (I do have one particularly bad nail that had damage) you have to allow each coat to completely dry before application of another one if not it dragged the lower coat and made more ridges. I have used it on it's own without varnish and the colour is very natural looking. I would recommend this product as it enables you to have a smooth layer to apply nail varnish onto which allows for a more professional finish.(Judith)


Fills in Ridges

Ridge Fx does fill the vertical ridges quite nicely but not so much the horizontal dinks I have. Though to be fair they are quite deep and this has made them less noticeable. It does take a while to dry unlike the Vinylux polish which dries in a minute or so but you can tell when it's set as it goes dull. Overall I'm quite happy with this and if you use the Vinylux range, have ridges and are using pearlescent polish I would definitely recommend using this as a base coat. (Barb)


Makes my nails stronger

The CND brand I use it for years and is the top, this product I'm using it now and it seems very good, strengthens the nails and is an excellent base for nail polish.(Daphne)


Wouldn't be without it

Great value for money, extends the life of your nail varnish (Georgia)


My nails look great with this 

I really like this product. Ridge Fx does what it says and I applied two coats and my nails look a whole lot better.(Susan)


Use it under Vinylux

The perfect base for perfect nail colour application. I’m using this under VINYLUX as a base and it’s superb! (Zara)


Did exactly what it said (Sissy)


Available in one size - 15mls - $26.50


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