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NEW - CND Strengthener RXx Nail Strengthener - How To Use

Cracked, chipping nails getting you down - do you often wish you had your own long, luscious nails that are naturally strong? Say hello to your new best friend: CND Strengthener RXx! This 14 day revolutionary new vegan nail treatment enamel/lacquer isn't just a coat, it's a complete overhaul for your fingertips. Imagine nails so strong they defy daily wear and tear, so smooth they catch the light, and so nourished they thank you with every stroke.


Ready to ditch the frustration and embrace healthy, beautiful nails? Keep reading to learn how CND Strengthener RXx can transform your fingertips!"

What It Is:

A nourishing and strengthening Nail Coating that adds protection while thickening and smoothing the nail surface.

What It Does:

Cares for natural nails with ingredients that condition and coat. 

Why You Need it:

  • Formulated to resist chipping and cracking of the natural nails
  • Fortifies and strengthens compromised nails, providing layers of protection 
  • Fast absorbing and dries quickly
  • Features repairing and ridge smoothing properties
  • Vegan formulation
  • Doesnt yellow the nail.
  • Formulated with new technology that does not use formaldehyde.
  • Breathable formula: water and oxygen permeable.
  • Helps resist splitting and peeling so nails feel stronger and moisturised.


Ingredients : Celery Seed Extract and Tsubaki Oil (Camellia Flower Seed Oil).

Directions for Use:

  • Shake to blend for 30 seconds
  • Day One: Apply two thin layers to clean, bare nails.
  • Day Two: Apply one thin layer 
  • Day Three: Apply one thin layer 
  • Day Four: Apply one thin layer 
  • Day Five: Use nail polish remover to remove Strengthener Rxx. Wash and dry hands to remove any left over nail polish remover. Apply two thin layers of Strengthener Rxx.

Repeat steps as above - applying one thin layer each day and removing with nail polish remover on Day 5, and then repeating the steps. 

For best results use for 14 days.

This premium treatment can be used alone as a strengthening treatment whenever needed, or as a base coat under your favourite Vinylux™ polish.

$43.95 for 15 ml bottle.








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