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CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish - What is it and How to use it

CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish System is a revolutionary system that unites fashion and technology with fast application, week long wear and easy removal. Vinylux comes in 200+ gorgeous colours currently available in our online store, with new collections arriving regularly. It provides 7-day wear, chip-resistant colour and gel-like shine when used with either CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat or CND Vinylux Gel-Like Effect Top Coat.

The breakthrough Vinylux system includes a self-adhering Colour Coat that eliminates the need for base coat and when used with the Vinylux Top coat becomes more durable with exposure to natural light due to Prolight Technology. You do not need a lamp with CND Vinylux.

Pic shows CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish in "Beach Escape"

CND, the global leaders in professional nail care and makers of CND Shellac, created the Vinylux nail polish System. This is a simple two-step system - the Vinylux colour coat used with the Vinylux Top Coat. Vinylux enables you to have the look of beautiful gel nails without the price tag, and the added advantage of being able to remove it yourself at home with either CND Offly Fast nail polish remover or any regular nail polish remover. You can change your colour as often as you like to achieve stunningly beautiful nails every single day.

Vinylux is 7-free - meaning it is free of 7 toxins, is 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Vinylux contains nourishing ingredients so it is treating your nails as you wear it. Infused with keratin, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E for beautifully cared for nails. It also contains Pro-Light Technology which means it becomes more durable every day with exposure to natural light and lasts 4 x longer than regular nail polish.


Vinylux comes in 3 levels of coverage - Opaque (highly pigmented colours that give superb coverage) Semi-Sheer (semi-transparent ideal for French nails and a shiny, see-through look loved by many) and Sheer (transparent). Most of the Vinylux colours are Opaque. You can find the coverage level at the end of the product description for each Vinylux colour. The semi-sheer colours are Beau, Decadence, Grapefruit Sparkle, Ice Bar, Kiss of Fire, Negligee, Powder My Nose, Romantique, Satin Slippers, Skin Tease, Studio White, and Temptation. There is just one sheer colour currently and that is Veiled. All other colours are Opaque.

Vinylux must be used with a Vinylux Top Coat, as they work together to give you week long wear. There are two different top coats. Vinylux Weekly Top Coat and Vinylux Gel-Like Effect Plumping Top Coat. Both give high shine and durability.

You do not need a base coat with CND Vinylux as it is designed to adhere perfectly to the natural nail. However if your nails are not in good condition, with ridges or damaged areas, CND RidgeFX , which is a nail surface enhancer and ridge filler that perfects the appearance of the natural nail, is designed to be used as a base coat for any CND nail polish including Vinylux. CND have formulated RidgeFX to work synergistically with Vinylux self-adhering technology, so you can safely use it under Vinylux if you need to. 


Pic shows CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish in "Skin Tease"


Assemble everything you will need: CND Offly Fast Nail Polish Remover, Cotton Makeup Removal Pads, CND Scrubfresh, your favourite Vinylux nail polish colour, and your Vinylux Top Coat 

Vinylux must be SHAKEN vigorously for about a minute before use as this mixes the formula and activates the Pro-Light Technology.

Ensure both the lids of the nail polish and the Top Coat are easy to twist off as once you are ready to paint your nails and then apply Top coat you don't want to find the lids are stuck.

Remove old nail polish with the Offly Fast nail polish remover, then wash and dry your hands.

Clean nails with Scrubfresh. To use CND Scrubfresh, which very effectively cleans and prepares your nails perfectly before any nail polish - apply on a cotton pad and scrub your nails all over with this to thoroughly clean and temporarily dehydrate them, paying attention to the cuticle area and the sides of each nail. Include under the top edge of each nail. Apply polish immediately after you have used Scrubfresh.

If you do not have any Scrubfresh, I recommend soaking your nails for a minute in warm soapy water then scrubbing them lightly with a nail brush, rinse well and dry thoroughly. When you have perfectly clean, dry nails, nail polish will always adhere better and last longer.

Now apply Vinylux nail polish to each nail. You will need two coats. As Vinylux goes on smoothly and has a curved brush you will find application is easy. Remember to also apply both colour coats and top coat across the top edge of each nail if your nails are long enough - this seals your nails at the top so that moisture can not get in between your nail and the nail polish as this can cause it to chip off.

Wait for a short time for these to dry off then apply your top coat.

VInylux is quick to dry - just 8.5 minutes.

Optional: 1 minute after applying top coat you can lightly mist your nails with CND Solarspeed Spray. I love using this as it has a fresh almond scent. It helps your nails dry faster and applies a fine coat of Solaroil on your nails giving a nice sheen to your finished manicure.

Recommended - Use CND Solaroil twice daily on natural nails or over the top of nail polish to keep your nails strong and healthy.

SUMMARY - Vinylux will last a week if you take the following steps.

  • Ensure nails are perfectly clean and dry before applying
  • Shake Vinylux very vigorously and apply two coats.
  • Always use with a Vinylux Top Coat.
  • Use gloves when doing dishes, gardening, and other chores to protect your nails, and take care with your nails as they are jewels not tools.
  • Apply CND Solaroil daily - this helps nail polish last longer and keeps nails strong and healthy.

NOTE: CND Vinylux price is $19.95 and a few discontinued colours are now discounted at $12.50. Free shipping all over New Zealand with all orders $49+.

Pic shows CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish in "Blush Teddy"



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