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Manicure & Pedicure Tips - 9 CND Products to use in Your Mani/Pedi For Beautiful Nails

CND Professional-strength top quality products make doing your nails so much easier. They are all toxin-free, and also have nurturing formulas giving your nails, hands and feet a health boost. See how nourished, healthy and smooth your mani/pedi can look, and how fresh and clean your skin feels!

9 CND Products you can add to your routine when doing your manicure or pedicure at home, that will noticeably improve the health of your nails, pamper the skin around your nails, and soften the skin of your hands and feet.

No. 1 CND Offly Fast Moisturising Nail Polish Remover



Remove your nail polish with this moisturising Nail Polish Remover with English Cucumber fragrance. It really is the best nail polish remover you will find, as it works so quickly and easily. It is gentle on your nails and wont dry them out. $10.95 (Find under Nail Care on

No. 2 CND Professional Nail Files & Buffers

Shape your nails and buff them to a high shine with these long-lasting, comfortable to use, professional files and buffers from CND, From $7.00 (Find under Nail Tools on

No. 3 Scentsations Hand Wash

Wash your hands prior to your manicure/pedicure with spa-fragrance Scentsations Hand Wash, to deep clean without drying out your skin. Your skin will feel fragrant and so clean, ready to be pampered. You can use these luxurious washes in the shower too - you will love the quality of these, the subtle yet beautiful fragrances and how soft they make your skin feel. Choose from Citrus & Green Tea, Mango & Coconut, Cedarwood & Jasmine, Strawberry & Prosecco, and Rose & Peach. 390 mls Pump bottle $32.50 (Find under Hand & Body on

No. 4 Scrubfresh -  Nail Cleaner

ScrubFresh is a nail cleaner which you use prior to painting your nails. It easily removes any oils, grease, moisture, hand creams or other contaminants which can stop your nail polish from adhering properly. Your nails are then perfectly ready for polish and you will find your nail polish lasts longer. Use on a cotton pad and rub hard all over your nails to get out any ingrained oils or grease. $19.50 (find under Nail Care on

No. 5 CND Cuticle Eraser  - to minimise cuticles

No more dry cuticles - just use CND Cuticle Eraser as often as you like - it is a gentle exfoliator with AHA's which minimised cuticles and really smooths the nail surface. You will find you can gently and very easily then push down your cuticles after using this effective product. Apply a small amount and massage in well to your cuticles and nails. You can then gently scrape away any dry skin on your cuticles or around edges of your nails. 2 sizes from $43.95 (Find under Nail Care on

No. 6 CND Ridge Fx  -  Nail Surface Enhancer


Ridge Fx is a nail surface enhancer so if you have ridges on your nails or they are uneven on the surface, this product is applied just like a base coat for a beautifully smooth surface. Then apply your nail polish as usual. Ridge Fx is also perfect to use as a base coat under Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish if you have imperfect nails. $26.50 (Find under Nail Care on

No. 7 CND Solar Oil - Nail & Cuticle Care

CND Solar Oil is the secret to beautiful nails - apply this once your mani/pedi is dry. Reapply twice every day and at night time, on either bare nails or over the top of nail polish for moisturised nails and cuticles. When applied over nail polish it helps your polish last longer. Solar oil comes in 3 sizes starting at $13.20 (Find under Nail Care on

No. 8 CND Solarspeed Spray - dries nail polish faster

One minute after applying your top coat, spray nails lightly with Solarspeed spray. This really speeds up the drying process and gives your nails a light coating of Solar Oil too. Gives a lovely sheen. Priced from $42.50 (Find under Nail Care on

No 9. Scentsations Hand Lotions

Freshly scented Scentsations Hand Lotions - the final pampering step. Once your nails are dry, and twice every day, give yourself a beautiful moisturing treat with these hand lotions. They are absorbed immediately leaving your skin feeling like velvet. Choose from Black Cherry & Nutmeg, Mango & Coconut, Tangerine & Lemongrass, and Citrus & Green Tea. 245ml $30.50. (Find under Hand & Body on 






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