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Rescue Rxx - SO EASY to use for weak nails that keep breaking or peeling

If your nails are weak or damaged, and keep breaking, peeling, splitting, or simply wont grow, CND Rescue Rxx Keratin treatment, containing natural ingredients, is perfect for you.

Rescue Rxx contains Keratin Protein, a main component of the natural nail. Solubilized keratin proteins bond to the natural nail to help strengthen the nail plate.

Rescue Rxx also contains Jojoba Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, 2 oils that promote healthy nails, making them stronger and smoother. It is simple and quick to use, just apply to bare nails and then massage in, paying special attention to cuticles and down the sides and undersides of each nail. It only takes a few seconds yet makes such a difference within a couple of weeks.


Rescue Rxx is available in 2 different sizes plus the handy pen dispenser (see pic below). When using the pen, twist the bottom a couple of times now and again (not every time, just when needed, to dispense enough product so you can see it is being applied).

CND Rescue is available in bottles of 3.7ml and 15ml. Simply apply the Rescue to your nails with the brush supplied inside the bottle, then massage in all over the nails, down the sides and around the cuticle. This is an effective treatment and it really works.

3 Important Tips about CND Rescue Rxx:

  • Always shake well before using
  • Apply at a time when you are not going to wash your hands for the next 30 minutes.
  • After applying, massage in to your nails, cuticles and the skin around your nails.   

If you have very damaged nails, apply onto bare nails 3 or 4 times a day and keep using for 1 or 2 months, even up to 3 months. You will see and feel your nails become stronger and healthier. If your nails have been really damaged this serum will work quickly to repair and restore your nails. It is safe and natural. You can continue using Rescue Rxx long term to maintain the health of your nails.




Clinically proven results: 1 week results - used 2x per day: –

-- 70% said nails felt thicker

– 80% said white surface patches were less noticeable

– 80% said the condition of the nails were noticeably improved

4 week results - used 2x per day:

– 73% saw a decrease in splitting

– 80% saw a decrease in peeling

– 69% saw a decrease in white surface patches 

RESCUERXX™ helps to strengthen damaged and weakened natural nails that have been harmed by environmental or mechanical trauma.

RESCUERXX™ will help stop the perpetuation of further delamination and/or splitting. Also has the conditioning properties of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to nurture and soften the skin around the nail plate.

WHY YOU NEED IT To help repair nails damaged by mechanical force and environmental effects.

Looking Ahead

Once your nails are looking healthy and strong, and you wish to start using nail polish again, ensure you use CND Scrubfresh prior to painting your nails to temporarily remove any oils. Remember to keep using Rescue twice a day, and if you have nail polish on, once it is perfectly dry, apply Rescue Rxx to the cuticle area and down the sides of the nail, massaging it in. You can do this just before you go to sleep as it then can soak in overnight. On days when you are not wearing nail polish apply it to the whole nail twice a day. 

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