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REVIEWS - CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish

This is AMAZING!


I'm currently in the process of replacing all my current polishes with this brand. They have a fantastic colour range, it is very fast drying and lasts sooooo long. On my toes I found it did not budge. Plus having the base and colour in one skips a step and makes application so much quicker. I have told friends about this nail polish. I really love it! (Heidi)


My favourite 

Apart from when I get acrylics, this is my favourite product for long lasting, chip resistant nail polish in the best colours anywhere. My favourite colour has been Asphalt  for 3 years now. (Shan)


As Good as Shellac

This product when applied properly and finished with the Vinylux Top Coat looks as good as Shellac. The polish lasts at least a week and goes on so easily. There is a fantastic colour selection. (Joy)



It stays on

I love using Vinylux. It stays on long enough until I want to change colour. I used to go to the salon every 4 weeks when I had dip nails but then Covid happened.  I switched to Vinylux and now do my own nails at home. The brushes are easy to use and dry quite quickly. (Anna)


Lasts longer than other polishes

Vinylux is a weekly polish, it lasts longer than just a polish. One of my favourites!!! It actually works. And it's not too expensive. They have a large selection of colours, this makes me so happy. (June)


I love it and have 20 colours

I absolutely love this polish and have over 20 bottles. They last well over a week for me and that is of course you MUST use the Top Coat. (Kaitlin)


I am obsessed with CND

I am totally obsessed with cnd polishes. Maybe even more so than opi. Want to know why? The brush head.  Oh my gosh it makes a huge difference. Easiest application ever! (Virginia)


Goes on smooth

This polish and top coat 2 steps go on smooth and last. I use the top coat on non CND Vinylux polish as well for a glossy and long lasting top coat. My polish is a lovely burgundy wine colour for Autumn/Winter and the polish stays great even when my skin is dry from the cold weather. (Hillary)


Pleasantly surprised how durable it is

I have to admit I was skeptical when I bought this polish to try for the first time. I've used other brands that claim to be long lasting but I was pleasantly surprised this one is actually durable. Normally after a couple of days my nail polish is chipping/peeling off. I can wear this up to 5 - 7 days and it still looks nice. I will say for the lighter colours I do use 3 coats sometimes as they are more transparent. I would definitely recommend Vinylux. (Jo)


Its perfect

Ive tried many brands of nail polishes that advertise they are long wear and without fail I will have chips by the end of the first day. This nail polish was used in my local nail salon and that is where I first purchased it. Perfect for between mani or pedicures when you want a different colour. No chipping, peeling or fading. (Marg)

I love this 

I have purchased this pair of products twice - The Vinylux and The top coat to match. Love them. (Billie)

 Lovely Shine

I have naturally weak nails, but finally my fingers look well manicured all week even through housework and gardening. The initial 2 coats of polish, followed by the top coat dry quickly and have a lovely shine. I definitely recommend these products. (Carrie)


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