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REVIEWS - CND Cuticle Eraser

My Favourite Product for Cuticles

This is my absolute fav for doing my cuticles- I've been using it for years. Works especially well if I leave it on for 10-15 mins. Very conditioning and makes the cuticles soft and easy to trim. ( Marg)


At Last something that works 

This stuff is great. I've tried at least a dozen different cuticle creams and so far, this is the best that I have found. My cuticles get strangely dry in the winter, so my manicurist told me to just massage this in and leave it and after doing that for a few weeks, I had perfectly normal cuticles for the first time.(Lorna)


This is my Go-To from now on

WOW I have to say, CND Cuticle Eraser is great. Very gentle, doesn't cause the kind of peeling I used to sometimes get with other brands if I used it too frequently. I can use this daily if I want to, though I usually just use it every other day or so. This smells nice, has a nice texture and consistency, is easily absorbed, and it just WORKS.
I'm never going back. CND Cuticle Eraser is now my go-to AHA exfoliant. (Maggie)


My toes look amazing

I use this on my toes because I don't really have a cuticle problem on my hands. I don't get pedicures as often as I used to because I'm constantly working. My toes look amazing after using this. It has a grape scent to it. (Patricia)


Love this stuff! 

I LOVE this stuff! When I don't use it, my cuticles look terrible, are very dry, and I have hang nails galore! When I am doing my manicure I use this and then scrape it off with a cuticle pusher after letting it sit for a few minutes. I am always amazed at how much of the cuticle I remove off of my nail plate after, without my cuticles being the Sahara desert. I then use Scrubfresh to remove residue off my nail plate and proceed with my manicure and I love it. The texture is a little bit greasy and takes a while to soak in, but it has a subtle fruity fragrance that I love. (Kaye)


Best cuticle product on the market

CND Cuticle Eraser is the best cuticle product I have ever used. I use it at least a couple of times a day - let it sink in and then apply cuticle oil and it's really helped soften/minimize my usually thick, hard cuticles (which I'm ashamed to admit, I used to pick at constantly). CND Cuticle Eraser has resolved that problem. (Treny)


I always have this product handy

A very good product that helps to maintain your cuticles. It is a white cream that you apply on your cuticles. The AHA acids "eat up" the skin making the cuticles look smooth and feel soft. The product has a citric smell which is nice. I simply keep the tube on my work desk and apply now and then. You can achieve pretty good results in maintaining your cuticles by applying the eraser as recommended, that is daily.


The best ever

This stuff is the best! Quite expensive but worth it! This has kept my cuticles in great shape and I use it every night before bed as well. Will keep buying. (Fay)


 You have to try it

I've never written a review before, but I absolutely had to because everyone should know how amazing this product is. I've had extremely dry, fast-growing cuticles my whole life, made worse by the fact that I would pick at them to get the dead skin off, sometimes even to the point of bleeding. No amount of hand cream (even super moisturizing stuff) could ever effectively moisturize my cuticles. And they would grow so fast that within days of pushing them back and trimming them (which actually made them grow even more out of control, I've learned), they would be rough and overgrown again. I had tried a few cuticle oils and balms, such as the dry skin treatment oil sold at The Body Shop and Bert's Bees lemon cuticle paste, and nothing would actually moisturize my cuticles well. And also, those products were greasy and took forever to sink into the skin, making them impractical for me to use. But this product is AMAZING. I will buy this over and over again. Not only does it moisturize my cuticles so well that that they are soft with no hard edges, but they almost seem to disappear too!  The packaging and formulation is very convenient for on-the-go, so I always keep a tube in my bag so that I can apply it during the day if needs be. It's a little bit pricey for how much you get, but this does such wonders for my skin that I'll continue to buy it. Very very pleased with this product. (Barbara)


Best Cuticle cream

Goes on thick and directly where you need it. Love that in five minutes it softens hard cuticles to push back and clean up before any manicure (Tannie)


I absolutely love it

I LOVE this product. Mixed with a little solar oil it makes my cuticles look like works of art. When used regularly you can eliminate a ton of cuticle work. (Cathy)





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