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REVIEWS - CND Rescue Rxx for Weak & Damaged Nails


My nails were so brittle, paper thin from acrylics. I couldn’t grow them out, they would just tear or split. Now my nails are strong, growing and healthy!! (Judi)


My nails look healthy at last

This is the best nail product to fortify nails and cuticles. Helped my nails and cuticles heal and stop splitting and peeling. Highly recommend.(Marg)


It really works -

Just massage into the nail. Rescue Rxx strengthens and has stopped the peeling and breakage. It really works. I think you do need to be consistent when using it though. (Tess)


At last my nails are looking healthy

My nails were paper thin. I’ve tried so many nail strengthening polishes but all of them would chip and cause my nails to peel. Some of my nails were starting to split down the middle. By chance I came across this product and gave it a shot. I’m just three weeks in and my nails are finally growing. My nails have stopped splitting and peeling. I am so thankful for this product (Ann-Marie)


This stuff really does what it says

I bought this to help restore nails damaged by gel nail polish. It does wonders! I have used other CND nail products and this product is the same great quality, smells nice and is easy to use. Best of all - it works.(Deb)


My nails finally look healthy now

Totally healed my nails. Two weeks of putting it on 2-3x per day and they’re almost back to normal after 8 months of continuous gel use. Really impressed! (Loren)


Rescue is the first product that has worked

I tried this on the word of the beauty therapist who does my nails. I use this every day and my nails are great. Took a week or so to really notice a difference, but oh the difference I saw. Highly recommend! (Catherine)


Its the real deal

Not too runny, not tacky and smells AMAZING (Bobbie)


If you have damaged nails you need this 

For years I battled split thumb nails. I went to doctors, stopped using gel, tried vitamins but nothing worked. Within 2 weeks using this product 2x a day, my weak split nails fused back and grew stronger. The scent is so nice too. Im thrilled with this product! (Frances)


No more peeling nails

I regularly get my nails done at the salon and would notice my nails peeling or getting brittle afterwards. I started using this because a friend of mine recommended it. I’m glad I tried it because it truly works! I have started telling everyone about it. It smells good and the bottle lasts a few months depending on how often you use it. I’d recommend using it for at least a month to really see results. (Jill)


Rescue is the best remedy for thin nails

My nails have been annoyingly thin and unhealthy lately because of constant dip manicures for months. I tried this nourishing daily nail treatment to see if it would help. To make sure you get maximum results and your money’s worth you have to be consistent and apply it a couple of times a day every day (I keep it on my desk that way I don’t forget). Keratin protein combined with jojoba oil and almond oil repair, condition, nourish and moisturize your nails and cuticles. I like that it doesn’t have a mile long list of chemicals or the chemical smell most nail products have, instead it has a nice almond fragrance.(Sue)


Best Buy 

This treatment has really made my nails grow really fast. Just 1.5 weeks after a gel manicure and daily application of Rescue Rxx, my nails are already starting to look so much better. My nails are normally brittle and peel, but the health of my nails has improved since using this. It does take discipline to remember to apply 2x a day. No chemical smell, has natural ingredients that are better for you, and lasts a long time. Not cheap, but worth it. (Justine)


CND I love Rescue

This is an excellent product. My natural nails are pretty but constantly peel. This product works well and works quickly. It strengthened my nails, made them seem thicker and more resilient, and gave them a healthy colour. (Mana)


I recommend this all the time

This product is amazing for nail strength, repairing dry, damaged and brittle nails. It can restore your nails after rough enhancement removal and after discoloration and dryness from leaving traditional polish on too long. I recommend this to all of my natural nail clients wanting good nail health.(Sandy)


Highly recommend

Used this product after taking off gel after 5 years. Really helped to strengthen my nails back to normal. Love the texture and its very affordable. 100% recommended for weak nails. (Verity)


Rescue helped my nail grow back

Love this product! I had heard of the Rescue Rx product before and never had a use for it until I broke my toe and lost my big toenail. I used it for 3 months and saw so much growth. I  highly recommend! (Vanessa)


So effective 

OMG There is magic in this bottle. After using gel on my nails for years and years and years I finally stopped last year. I’ve been using this for the past six months and I can’t believe how my nails are in such incredible shape right now. I wish I could use this before bed but it is oily and doesn’t soak in fast enough. I just ordered my second bottle so it definitely does go a long way and is worth every penny. (Sophe)


Rescue is available in 2 sizes plus the handy pen dispenser





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