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Creative Play Nail Polish - Once you try these you will LOVE them!

The CND Creative Play Nail Polish Collection is strikingly beautiful, and there are 10 different multi-textures & finishes to choose from within the collection of dozens of shades. It is the perfect collection for everyone who loves their nails to be noticed, who enjoys being creative, and nail art lovers. The colours fill every need - bright, highly pigmented cremes with that pop of colour, through to every texture or finish you can imagine. Everything your need to create your own uniquely gorgeous nails. Layer the finishes over each other or mix and match to create the prettiest nails you have ever seen.

The nail polishes go on very smoothly, and are such high quality, you will want to experience them over and over again. They really lift the weekly manicure or pedicure to new levels, making it something you look forward to. Painting your nails becomes exciting, as you work out new ways to create feature nails, and experience difference textures. Creating your own daring, unique designs has never been so easy or so much fun. The specially designed brush with 400 bristle ends makes it easy to paint your nails perfectly every time.

There are TEN different textures, which make up this stunning collection.

  • Creme
  • Metallic
  • Shimmer
  • Satin
  • Pearl
  • Micro Glitter
  • Holographic Glitter
  • Multi-Colour Glitter
  • Metallic Glitter
  • Transformer



The CREAM colours are the plain colours - highly pigmented, vibrant, and absolutely gorgeous in that they cover extremely well. There is every colour you can imagine and each colour has a high gloss. Cream colours are perfect to wear alone, or for creative nail art.

Colour is called "Bubba Glam" in a Creme Finish

The nine other textures allow you to create your very own unique designs, be creative, and mix and match. Feature nails are simple to create. Simply paint all nails with a plain colour then put one of the glitters over the top. 


"Got A Light" (Holographic Glitter) over the top of "Candycade" (Cream texture)


The Metallic colours are iridescent and always look amazing  - giving a touch of glam. They contain pigments that closely resemble the look and tone of metals. Whether on fingers or toes, they always catch the light with the micronized metallic particles..

Purple metallic nail polish "Miss Purplelarity" - Metallic Finish



Shimmers have a higher concentration of small-particle pearlescent pigments which create a soft flickering of light, giving the colours that extra bit of texture and shine.

Soft green - colour is called  "My Mo Mint"  Shimmer Finish


 Satins have a beautiful texture and are super-shiny - they have a translucent quality yet intense coverage that is really eye-catching. Small-particle pearlescent pigments create a subtle, matte shimmering effect that resembles satin. Try one of the Satin finish Creative Play nail polishes on your toes - so pretty and they last so long!

Colour is called "Orange You Curious"  and Satin Finish


The Pearl finish nail polishes in Creative Play Collection are truly beautiful as they are so shimmery and pearlescent. Large-particle pearlescent pigments create lustrous, silky-looking effects. There is a gel-quality look about the Pearl finish that you will love, and this colour Crimson Like It Hot, suits every skin tone. 

"Isle Never Let You Go" Pearl finish


Micro-glitters have the finest particles of glitter throughout the polish and these polishes are quite sheer - can be used alone for a feminine look or over the top of other colours to enhance the base colour. Smaller glitter particles create a refined sparkling effect. The fine glitter particles, which are larger than the Pearl group, look pretty and give an added dimension - try "LMAO" over the top of any of the reds or pinks for an extra shimmer, or "Positively Plumsy" over blues, mauves and purples.


 "Positively Plumsy"  Micro-glitter Finish




Create this gorgeous look with Creative Play Nail Polishes 


Holographic Glitters contain different shapes and colours of glitter particles and these look really festive when painted over one of the Creme colours. Holographic pigments reflect the spectrum of the rainbow for a multi-faceted effect. They have a clear base and multi-coloured glitter shapes. Creating a couple of feature nails on your manicure or painting your big toe nail in glitter when doing a pedicure, is super easy with the holographic glitters. Paint all nails in a Creme colour using 2 coats, then add an extra coat of the Holographic Glitter in the colour of your choice over the top. Then apply top coat. 

"Flashion Forward" Holographic Glitter over the top of "Drama Mama" Creme finish


Multi-colour glitters have glitter particles in various colours and sizes which create a multi-dimensional effect. One of our most popular ones in this texture is "Nocturne It Up" a black shiny polish with subtle glitter just to give your nails an extra bit of glam in a sophisticated look. 

"Nocturne It Up" Multi-colour Glitter Finish



Metallic Glitter is the best of both worlds - a metallic shimmery silvery base polish with particles of metallic glitter. The glitters are highly-reflective, and closely resemble the look and tone of metals. Check out Kiss + Teal - Lots of aqua and silvery glitter particles - gorgeous over any of the blue or aqua base coats.

"Kiss + Teal" Metallic Glitter Finish

"Kiss+Teal" Metallic Glitter over top of "Drop Anchor" Creme finish 


 Transformer Finish nail polishes have pigment with a low-level shimmer and transparency that morphs into different colours when exposed to varying angles of light.

 "Bridechilla" Transformer Finish


CND Creative Play Nail Polishes have a traditional three-step system, which delivers smooth, uniform application with high-gloss and richly saturated color.

Clean nails with CND Scrubfresh nail clenaser to ensure nails are perfectly clean and ready for polish. If you don't have Scrubfresh, scrub nails gently in warm soapy water to remove any oils etc, then rinse and dry well.

Step 1 - First apply a Base Coat (CND Stickey Base Coat, or CND Ridge Fx Nail Surface Enhancer are recommended)

Step 2 - SHAKE the Creative Play nail polish really well, then apply 2 colour coats. 

Step 3 - Apply Top Coat (CND Super Shiney Top Coat is recommended)

Allow about 10 - 15 minutes to dry naturally -  No lamp needed. This is a perfect time to put your feet up and relax. 

Creative Play Nail Polish offers flawless results with minimal effort for the ultimate color story every time. They are easily removed with regular nail polish remover. CND Offly Fast Moisturising Nail Polish Remover removes nail polish quickly and moisturises at the same time, protecting nails and keeping them healthy.

Creative Play Nail Polishes are 7-free - free from toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DPB), formaldehyde resin, xylene, and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).


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