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How to Safely Remove Nail Polish without ruining your nails

Nail Polish remover is a powerful paint remover so it is really important that we be extremely careful as to which one we choose to use if we want beautiful natural nails.

Some low-cost Acetone Nail Polish Removers contain strong chemicals that not only take the nail polish off but can damage the nail, causing it to then become thin and easily break, or peel. 

Acetone‐free nail polish removers are widely used, however this formula is less effective at removing nail polish and therefore you generally have to really rub your nails quite hard to remove the polish which takes extra time and may weaken your nails.

The harmful chemicals which may be present in these are not good for our general health, especially if we are breathing them in.

Never pick your nail polish off as this may damage your nails.

Nails take a long time to grow if they break so it makes sense to only use nourishing products on them.

CND (Creative Nail Design) have created Offly Fast Moisturising Remover which is formulated to reduce dehydration of nails and surrounding skin because of the oil content. When you use this product for the first time you will notice the following:

English Cucumber fragrance

It quickly and easily removes nail polish.

It contains Macadamia Nut Oil and Vitamin E so it is nourishing on the nails, and will not strip the nails like other polish removers may do.

Nail remain strong and nourished.

Simply saturate a plastic-backed cotton pad with Offly Fast, use a circular motion on your nails until polish is completely removed.

Always use CND Offly Fast Moisturising Remover as part of your manicure regime to maintain healthy nails. CND formulate every product, including nail polishes, very carefully in their state-of-the-art laboratories to maintain the optimum health of nails. The removal of nail polish is an important step in maintaining nail health, and should never be compromised on by using harsh removers which can undo all your hard work in looking after your nails.

CND Offly Fast Moisturising Remover can also be used to safely remove CND Shellac, gel polish, and nail enhancements by applying cotton saturated with Offly Fast to each nail. Wrap each nail individually with foil. Cover or wrap hands in a warm towel. After appropriate time, gently roll product off using an orangewood stick. Repeat if necessary. 

Follow every nail polish removal with CND Solar Oil to protect skin and nails.


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