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How To Safely Remove Gel and Acrylic Nails At Home

If you have Shellac Gel Nails and you want to remove them yourself at home, you can do so very safely and easily, with no damage to your nails, with CND Offly Fast Removal Kit.

This is a gentle and very effective way to remove gel nails, if you can't get to the salon. It contains full instructions and everything you need within the kit.


CND Offly Fast Remover will not dry out your nails, due to the oil content in the remover. It is specially formulated to reduce dehydration of nails and surrounding skin.


Directions on How To Use

Purchase the CND Offly Fast Removal Kit (find under Nail Care at In the kit, you will have all the items you need to safely remove Shellac gel nails at home. ( I have added some Cling Wrap or Glad Wrap - most households will have this in the kitchen)

You will find in the kit some CND Offly Fast Moisturising Remover liquid, cotton pads on tinfoil squares - one for each nail (you get 20 so enough for 2 times), and Solar Oil for after you have removed the gel nails.

Saturate one of the cotton pads with Offly Fast Moisturising Remover liquid, and place securely over one of your gel nails. Make sure each pad is quite wet and it is touching the whole nail. On top of the pad, wrap the nail with the tin foil square provided so that it is secure then follow with some Cling wrap or glad wrap, wrapping around each finger a few times so that the pad and foil stays securely in place. Don't do it too tightly but do it securely so it doesn't fall off.

Do all your nails like this individually. Let them soak for 8 - 10 minutes. You may need a bit longer depending on how many layers of polish you have on your nails.

Keep your hands resting on a towel, on a table or similar, during this waiting period, as you don't want the Offly Fast liquid leaking out. Put a timer on and give them the 8 -10 mins from the time you wrapped the last one.

After the time has passed, remove the foil from one nail to see if it is ready. If it is ready the gel nail polish will be like jelly and be really easy to peel off and wipe away. You can use an orange stick to help with this step. Remove all your foil wraps one at a time and scrape off the gel nail easily.

If any of them are not ready, rewrap and leave for another 5 mins and test again. If necessary, add a bit more Offly Fast but generally this isn't needed. 

Once they have all been removed wipe each nail over with a wet wipe or tissue then wash your hands in warm soapy water. 

To finish apply CND Solar Oil to nourish your nails & cuticles. Apply Solar Oil twice a day even over nail polish.



Never attempt to pick off gel nails as this will also remove the top layer of your natural nail and you will find they are weakened and may be very fragile, quite sore and damaged.

(Note: if you have already picked them off at home, you will need to use CND Rescue Fxx, an amazing serum that repairs and restores nails. You apply it and massage in 2 or 3 times a day and you will see a difference even just in one week. Use for 4 weeks then repeat if needed).

Price $36.50 (enough to remove 20 gel nails)

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