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REVIEWS - CND Offly Fast Care & Removal Kit to Remove Gel or Acrylics at Home


Affordable Shellac Removal

This really does remove shellac polish quickly and easy! It is pretty affordable which is great, and it definitely gets the job done! Great for on the go, when you don't have time to go to the salon! (Anne)


I Love it

I used this product at home to remove Shellac. I absolutely love this care and removal kit. (Lori)


So Easy to use

This product is awesome! I couldn't believe I was going to be able to remove shellac at home, but it couldn't have been easier! The instructions were clear and easy to follow! The foil was in easy to use pieces and the removal liquid had a surprisingly good smell. 8 mins later, all you have to do after wrapping the nails is to use the stick provided to scrape off the polish (which just literally scrapes off easily!) The left hand was a little trickier to do, but when the job was done, the nails looked clean and healthy! After applying the Solar Oil, all was well and my nails looked great! I am so happy I never have to pay a nail salon to remove the shellac for me, ever again! (shelley)


Super Easy

Super fast and easy! I've used just acetone and tried to wrap my nails and soak them in the past. The results were never this good. This has to be the best product I've reviewed to date! (Titania)


Easy Removal

The Shellac Offly Fast kit  has everything that you need to remove a Shellac application, and more! The removal is very easy and even pleasant – all I had to do was soak the tiny square of cotton that was taped on the foil in some of the remover (which smells like candy), wrap the foil tightly around my finger with the cotton square covering the nail, and wait for eight minutes. The foil wraps tightly and securely and gives you the freedom to do anything while you wait for the polish to dissolve, even type (you just have to be careful not to displace the cotton square). After 8 minutes, I just pressed down on the nail and removed the foil with a twisting motion, and voila – the Shellac came right off, leaving my nail clean and smooth! I didn't even have to use the manicure stick that's included in the kit for scraping off any leftover polish (it will come very handy for pushing back cuticles the next time I do an at-home manicure!:). I finished with rubbing some Solar Oil on my now bare nails. Solar Oil is the best cuticle product I've ever tried (I've been using it for years) – it softens, moisturizes and strengthens (and is based on sweet almond oil, so it smells delicious. Overall, the Shellac removal was completely fuss-free and caused absolutely no damage to my nails. (Nan)


Easier on My Nails

If you are using CND Shellac nails, it does make a difference to use this to take off the polish. I've used "professional" acetone polish remover and have had to soak nails for over 30 minutes and still struggle to get it off. But with this, after about 10 minutes, it comes off much easier and I seem to do less damage to my nails trying to remove it. (Irene)


Works Great

This remover works great for removing CND shellac, plus many other UV/LED polishes. Works well for regular polish as well, including those stubborn ones with lots of glitter. Others are pure acetone which can dry out the nail bed and cuticle, but this one is infused with oils that literally counteract the effects of the acetone. (Nancy)


Very Gentle

This product works much better than plain acetone polish remover. Dip cotton ball in shellac Offly polish remover and adhere to nails (with tin foil) for 10 minutes. Gently scrap off with orange stick. Its very gentle. (Marnia)


I like the smell and how it works

I like this new shellac remover better than pure acetone. It is not as harsh on your natural nails and it works just as well. I like the way it works especially with the CND nail wraps. They cover the tip and the whole nail. Smells better too. (Sue)



Price $36.50 (enough for 20 nails)


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