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Micro Glitter - Ebony
Micro Nail Glitter - Ebony
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Micro Glitter - Ebony

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Ebony Micro Glitter is very fine glitter for nail art - Colour: Black

Micro Glitters add a touch of sparkle to your favourite manicure. Can also be used on feature nails or tips.

With this range of beautiful coloured micro glitters, you can add just the right amount of GLAM, and they are easy to apply too.

Micro glitters can provide instantly eye-catching results when used in your manicure or pedicure, or can be used on feature nails to add colour, interest and texture.

Directions for Use

Apply your base coat and first layer of nail polish. (If using Vinylux this does not require a base coat so just apply one coat of colour first). As your nail polish colour may show a little through the glitter, choose a colour with this in mind.

Apply your second layer of nail polish colour, and immediately sprinkle the glitter thickly over the nail while the polish is still wet. Hold your fingernail or toenail over a piece of paper so that any glitter spill can be carefully tipped back into the container. Press the glitter into your nail very gently. Wait till dry then gently brush off any excess with a soft brush such as a small makeup brush.

Apply your top coat.

Clean any glitter particles off the top coat brush if using this option, to avoid getting any glitter particles in your top coat bottle.



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