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Q&A for Nails

What can I use as my natural nails are brittle, weak and splitting?

The best product to use is CND Rescue Rxx. Apply twice during day and at bedtime, massaging in after applying to nails. Use when you are not wearing nail polish, as this product needs to be absorbed into the nails to repair.

My cuticles are dry, what can I use to improve this?

CND Solar Oil can be used as often as you like even over nail polish. Apply a drop or two to each nail and massage into cuticles and over and around the nail. Use on finger nails and toe nails to strengthen nails and nourish the skin around the nails.

Why doesn’t Vinylux nail polish need a base coat?

Vinylux nail polish has been specially developed to adhere to the natural nail without a base coat. The polish has 3 added ingredients Jojoba Oil, Keratin and Vitamin E for nail health.

Will Vinylux nail polish really last a week?

If you follow instructions you will get seven day wear. Be sure to prepare nails well before use by using CND Scrubfresh first to ensure they are very clean. Add 2 thin coats of Vinylux nail polish colour, then apply Vinylux Top coat. Seal the free edge of the nail with polish and top coat too as this helps nail polish last longer.

What sort of textures do you have in Creative Play Nail Polish?

Creative Play Polish comes in 10 different textures. They are cream, pearl, shimmer, satin, metallic, transformer, holographic glitter, metallic glitter, micro glitter, and multi-colour glitter.

Help. I have just had my false nails removed after several months and my natural nails underneath are now thin and fragile. What can I do?

CND Rescue Rxx will help your nails become strong and healthy. Apply twice a day and at bedtime, massaging in well. You may need to use this for as long as 3 months until your nails have completely regrown but you will notice your new nails are strong and healthy due to the nail nutrients in Rescue Rxx. One of our customers is now loving long healthy nails for the first time in her life due to Rescue Rxx.

My heels are split and the skin there is very dry. Do you have any moisturising creams that will help?

Yes the Cucumber Heel Therapy cream in CND Spa range will help soothe and moisturise the skin on your feet. Massage into heels and feet twice a day especially after a shower or bath.



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