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CND™ - New York Fashion Week Nail Kit

CND™ - New York Fashion Week Nail Kit

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For Nail Art Lovers – here is a quality kit containing many different materials to enhance your nails in Fashion Week style and create beautiful manicures or pedicures. The kit contains the following:

  • Gold crown x 5
  • Copper Glitter 2g
  • New Square Studs (3mm)
  • Gold Chain (61cm)
  • Holographic Tinsel (20 Strands)
  • Black Holo Glitter (2g)
  • Silver Holo Glitter (2g)
  • Holo Squares (2g)
  • Fuchsia Holo Glitter (2g)

You can be as creative and imaginative as you wish with this kit and make all your own rules.

As a suggestion, you could apply your nail polish base coat to all your nails, then your two polish colour coats. Apply clear top coat to one nail at a time sprinkling glitter over the top coat before it dries. Put your hand over a tissue to catch any glitter spills. Do one nail at a time – sprinkle the glitter over and press down lightly on each nail and then tidy up sides of each nail with a small brush.

Holo squares, gold crowns, gold chain & studs could be glued with nail glue on top of your second polish colour coat once it’s dry. Press down and hold for a couple of seconds or until attached. Then apply your clear top coat over top of decorated nail. Alternatively you can glue them on top of your top coat.



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