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CND - Gardenia Woods Masque 248ml

CND - Gardenia Woods Masque 248ml

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CND Spa Gardenia Woods Masque is a moisturising clay masque that softens skin. Skin is nourished with a fresh, luminous glow.

Invigorate your senses with this masque which draws away impurities to leave skin glowing and refreshed. Contains micro-fine bentonite clay to condition, purify and cleanse, and argan oil to nourish. Perfect for use during the cleansing section of a manicure or pedicure.

The fragrance of jasmine and gardenia blossoms, together with beautiful botanical extracts of chamomile and sandalwood gently cleanse and purify skin elevating the experience with a luxurious fresh-scented conditioning treatment.

Directions for use

Apply a thin even layer onto hands or feet. Wrap applied areas carefully with warm towels and let sit for 5 minutes. You can also wrap in plastic first and then cover with warm towels if wished. Rinse with clean water or remove with moist towel or soft sponge. Dry with a soft towel.



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