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CND Vinylux Craft Culture Collection is a fabulous collection of 8 of the most popular shades and shimmers of sophisticated Vinylux Long-wear polish plus a Vinylux top coat! Why choose one when you can have several !! Vinylux is polish re-invented and 7-free, specially formulated with adhesion promoters so that no base coat is needed and will give you 7+ days chip-resistant wear.

The Vinylux Craft Culture Collection contains the following shades:

  • 1 CND Vinylux Oxblood- A beautiful deep red
  • 1 CND Vinylux Brass Button- A rich brassy gold shimmer
  • 1 CND Vinylux Denim Patch- A beautiful creamy grey-blue
  • 1 CND Vinylux Hand Fired- A gleaming copper red with red and gold shimmer
  • 1 CND Vinylux Patina Buckle- A beautiful purple / lavender shimmer
  • 1 CND Vinylux Brick Knit- A burnt orange perfect for autumn
  • 1 CND Vinylux Fern Flannel- A fantastic silvery blue
  • 1 CND Vinylux Leather Satchel- A sophisticated copper, with a metallic finish
  • 1 CND Weekly Top Coat- top coat that protects CND Vinylux coloured nail polish from scratches, chipping and wear for up to a week and is the last step in the CND Vinylux system.

CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish Color Coat is toxin-free and provides seven-day wear, chip-resistant color, and gel-like shine when used with CND Vinylux Top Coat.

This is the polish you have always wanted. It provides a flawless finish and a whole week of beautiful Vinylux nails and fashion perfection. Toxin-free, this easy to apply polish lasts up to 4 times longer than traditional nail polish. Quick drying - dries naturally in just 8.5 minutes. Includes adhesion promoters that completely eliminate the need for base coat.

CND Vinylux polish utilizes ProLight Technology, which increases durability when exposed to natural light ? creating a gorgeous high shine outer protective shield that resists scratching, denting, chipping and dulling for up to a week of wear. Now you can give yourself a mani or pedi that lasts the distance, and keeps your nails healthy at the same time.

Directions for Use

Ensure nails are very clean and prepared well. Use CND Scrubfresh Nail Surface Cleanser or rubbing alcohol on a lint-free pad to clean nails thoroughly and remove any surface contaminants.

Shake bottle vigorously to blend well, and then apply two thin layers of Vinylux Color. Wait a couple of minutes then finish with one layer Vinylux Top Coat.

Use for manicures and pedicures. CND Vinylux removes easily with regular nail polish remover. For a nourishing nail polish remover use CND Offly Fast.

About CND

Founded in 1979, CND is a global leader in professional nail care and beauty. CND have developed toxin free, high quality, award-winning nail and beauty products with unwavering commitment for over 40 years. Their innovative and reliable products are sought after and valued worldwide in 63 countries. CND are proud to have revolutionized the nail industry and meticulously research and test each of their products in their state of the art laboratory to ensure that every product meets their exact standard of nurturing the natural nail and pampering hands and feet. The products all contain extra nourishing ingredients to take the very best care of you. Be smart, be beautiful with CND.



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