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Latest Nail Trends for 2022

The nail trends for 2022 are more exciting than ever before. One of the biggest trends is the Half Moon Manicure:

There are many variations of this, incorporating different shapes -

Or if you just want it to be a bit more subtle, try this one -

With the Pandemic currently making a big impact in our lives, many people are wanting to have happy colours and styles on their nails, and one of the most popular is the Happy Face manicure - 


Another trend that's popular in 2022 is the Hot Pink Trend -


Minimalism is a huge trend too - this is open to several interpretations.

One look is where part of the nail is left nude and simple geometric shapes are painted on the nail in bright colours - 

Another interpretation is painting the nails one simple nude colour  and applying one dot on each nail  - 

As the Pantone colour of the year is Blue - all shades of blue are popular too

Lastly Marigold nails are popular too - happy warm yellows - 

And happy bright yellows for toes -




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